Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most versatile protective packaging material. It is chosen due to its high elasticity, very good insulation and shock-absorbing characteristics, relatively high resistance to abrasion and easy adjustment to the shape of the product. Air bubbles encapsulated in its structure protect the goods against shocks and strikes, pollution and moisture.

Bubble wrap is highly suitable for protecting delicate objects during transportation. It immobilizes them in the proper packaging, protects against moving and being scratched. It is actually used everywhere, and most commonly for protecting furniture, glass and ceramic products, electronic and electrotechnical equipment, sanitary and heating fittings, car parts, all kinds of gifts, office equipment as well as in mail orders. Thanks to its characteristics it can be laminated with various materials, e.g. polyethylene foam, HDPE film, paper.

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Bubble wrap in rolls >

Practical in applicationbubble wrap in rolls will be perfect wherever it is necessary to cut it to the right size. As a manufacturer, we offer it in four variants of strength: light, standard, strong, and super-strong. We also make rolls according to individual dimensions (length and width), aswell as dyed, antistatic, laminated, and with UV filter.

Bubble bags >

It is difficult to imagine packaging electronics and small items without the use of bubble wrap. We recommend the convenient use of bubble bags, so that you can easily pack any sensitive items before placing them in the box. We make them according to the individualneeds of the customer.

Sheets of bubble wrap >

We offer cut to size bubble sheets. Thesearepractical spacers that are used to wrap single items or to stack them, in order to protect them from damage in bulk packaging. Forms are made of allavailable types of foil and laminates.

Laminated bubble wrap >

The ability to laminatethe bubble wrap makes our product even better protected. We laminatewith polyethylene foam, nonwovens, kraft-type paper, andLDPE, HDPE, aluminium, and metallized foil. It is a product with high tear resistance. It is possible toprint on it. We realize orders in the form ofrolls, bags, and sheets.

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