Polyethylene foam

Polyethylene foam is a perfect solution for surfaces requiring special protection. Its unquestionable advantage is the fact that it consists of numerous closed cells, which provide optimal protection against scratching product’s surface. It is non-abrasive material, which protects delicate surfaces. The foam is exceptionally light, flexible and user-friendly. It is resistant to humidity, chemically inert; there is no risk of reaction with packed products. Polyethylene foam is perfect for protecting furniture and wooden elements, car parts, domestic appliances/electronics, glass, ceramics and many other products. It is used in many areas of a widely understood building industry.

Thanks to closed structure, polyethylene foam makes perfect thermal and acoustic insulation placed under both floating wooden floors and floor panels. We can manufacture polyethylene foam products in different colours, in a flame-resistant version and other special characteristics. The surface of products can also be covered with different kinds of films, such as HDPE, LDPE. It is manufactured in the form of mat in rolls or customized in form of bags or forms.

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Polyethylene foam in rolls >

We offer polyethylene foam in rolls of various thicknesses and lengths, also with the possibility to order individual dimensions. This product is versatile. It is light, odourless, moisture resistant, watertight and chemically inert. It is suitable for protecting delicate surfaces from scratches and mechanical damage.

Polyethylene foam bags >

Practical foam bags are perfect for the efficient packaging of any components sensitive to scratches, damaging effects of moisture or temperature fluctuations. As a manufacturer of polyethylene foam we offer you ready-made packaging bags.

Sheets of polyethylene foam >

We offer the produced polyethylene foam in the form of sheets. We can cut it to any size, according to customer’s wishes. Such formulas are excellent for glass, scratch-sensitive surfaces (TVs, electronics, glass) and for delicate items.

Laminated polyethylene foam >

In order to obtain even higher tear resistance, polyethylene foam can be laminated with LDPE, HDPE or metallized foil, bubble wrap or paper. In this way, the customer achieves an even better product that meets the requirements of strength and end-use. Laminates can be marked by printing.

Expansion tape >

The properties of polyethylene are also appreciated in construction and finishing works. We offer durable expansion joints, which are essential whenlaying floors, installing underfloor heating and other structural works. The tape is extremely durable, flexible, light, and non-absorbent.

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